About Us

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Otto Real Estate, Inc., based in Arcola, IL, is a licensed real estate development and property management company. Our company specializes in both commercial and residential lease properties. We are experts in multifamily homes (apartments, complexes). Established in 1976, our excellent service and competitive pricing have earned us a number of satisfied clients. Our clients’ comfort and satisfaction are our priority. We will guide you closely from the beginning to the end and help you find the property you are looking.

Property Development

Otto Real Estate, Inc. also provides international property development. We are experienced in building quality properties at great prices. We use our experience to complete the project safely and perfectly, within the budget. Our company ensures the highest standards for all the projects we undertake.

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Are you looking for a comfortable and cozy home? Are you looking for a commercial or residential lease? We provide the best service and value. Get in touch with us today!